Our Services

    • Eye Examinations

    • The eye exam is the primary way in which vision and ocular health is assessed. Incorporating a combination of advanced equipment, up to date know how and patient education tools PrimaVision aims to provide a thorough assessment of our patients eye health requirements.

    • The digital eye exam

    • Out with the old and in with the new.The digital eye exam is finally here. 

      Incorporating the latest technology the digital eye exam provides an accurate assessment of vision and the refractive correction required to obtain optimum vision. 

      A function which our patients at PrimaVision like is the ability to show the difference between the old and new prescription for spectacles instantaneously with the simple press of a button.

    • Corneal Topography

    • A corneal topographer provides a detailed analysis of the corneal surface and is especially useful in monitoring corneal disease or fitting complex contact lenses. 

      A detailed map of the cornea allows the practitioner to assess the corneal profile providing a more detailed analysis of visual function.

    • Anterior Eye Photography

    • Digital photography can capture the anterior portion of the eye and used to monitor conditions or as a tool to demonstrate to patients what is responsible for any related symptoms they may be experiencing.